Spotlight Feature: Mortgage & Consumer Loans

Consumer Loan

From new homes, vehicles, construction, and everything in between Raccoon Valley Bank is here to help! We recognize the importance of owning your own home or purchasing your first vehicle. With such large milestones of accomplishment, we want to assist you in crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s, so that when you get your new purchase it’s everything you hoped for!



Purchasing your own home is still very much a part of the “American Dream,” and Raccoon Valley Bank helps make home ownership possible. By offering fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages and mortgage refinancing options, Raccoon Valley Bank can help you find the ideal mortgage solution. Visit the Mortgage Center for more information and to apply for a mortgage today!


Types of Mortgages

FHA – Most commonly used among new homeowners this loan option requires a smaller down payment and offers payment flexibility to fit your current income.


USDA – Typically used in more rural areas, the USDA loans are a great option if you’re looking to live in the countryside, or are repairing an older home.


VA – If you’ve served in the military, active or reserve, this a great option for you! With low down payments and terms built for veterans, these loans can be great for a first-time home buyer.


Traditional – This is our most common mortgage option which comes in 5, 15, and 30 year terms. Be sure to check our rate watch to find the best time for your next mortgage financing.


Consumer Loans

Whether you are trying to meet a personal financial goal, become more independent or are met with unplanned costs, there are times where you need additional funding, and Raccoon Valley Bank is here to help!


Auto – Finance your new car, truck, mortorcycle or other motorized vehicle with our helpful lending offerings.


Personal –Whether you’re looking to finally get that lake boat, or an RV to travel the country in, we have specified financing options for every situation.


Home Equity Line of Credit – Finally complete that home renovation or addition! Try using this type of lending option when your budget is a more of a ballpark figure, but not necessarily an exact number.


With lending capabilities for nearly any project, Raccoon Valley Bank is your trusted lender for all things financial. Stop by our nearest location today, and share with us your next purchase, we’ll help get you started!

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