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Auto Financing

AutoAre your searching for the perfect new vehicle for you and your family? Make sure to begin your next auto purchase at Raccoon Valley Bank with affordable auto financing! Find a budget that fits you and your vehicle needs! Try these easy tips to find the characteristics of the ideal vehicle for what you’re searching for!

Determine if you want a new or used vehicle.

Many auto dealers today offer both new and used. While new can offer updated technology and the assurance of no prior owners, choosing a used vehicle can drastically diminish cost and offers a comparable quality with moderate mileage.

Decide on a budget and a timeline.

When choosing the right vehicle to purchase, there are many questions to help you research which may be best on your pocket book in the long run.

-How long do you want to drive this vehicle?

-What does your budget allow you to spend for the down payment and installments?

-When do you need your vehicle by?

-What type of MPG do you need to keep gas costs within your overall budget?

-How long do you want to be paying the loan off? (0-5 years)

With these questions in mind you can better view the credentials needed for the ideal vehicle for you and your family.

Save your down payment.

Speak with one of our lenders to confirm your auto financing needs and decide on an appropriate down payment amount. As a general rule 20% of the final cost of the vehicle is ideal, however depending on your personal finances a lower percentage may be available to you.  Be sure to include any maintenance work, tires, or other repairs a car may need in the overall cost.

Talk to us!

If you have any questions or want to begin the process of auto financing call or stop by today. We’re happy to help, and look forward to making you auto buying dreams a reality.

Practice good car maintenance.

After purchasing your new vehicle you’ll want to keep it prepped and ready for the winter! Try some of these quick tips to keep your car safe and warm this winter.

  1. Warm up your care before you go to work to make scraping ice easier.
  2. Rotate your tires to ensure a stronger tread on tires.
  3. Keep a winter emergency kit in your vehicle, just in case!
  4. Maintain a full gas tank when possible to avoid freezing gas lines.

Purchase your next vehicle with easy auto financing from Raccoon Valley State Bank! Stop by today and learn about our various options tailored to you!

Miracle On Ice

MiracleSometimes there are stories so inspiring they give you chills, make you want to go out and accomplish something spectacular simply because you now know the impossible can occur. Today we start a chapter in the New Year, deciding our goals and what we want to accomplish in the coming months. In the financial realm of 2016 we believe anything is possible, and if you dream it, we want to help you achieve it.  So today if you’re a little short on motivation, enjoy this tale of the incredible feat by the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team, known as the Miracle on Ice.

In the summer of 1979 U.S. hockey coach Herb Brooks held auditions for the 1980 U.S. Winter Olympic Hockey Team. With a final roster of 20 young men, averaging an age of 21, the U.S. had its youngest team in history. Brooks decided to retain only one player from the prior Olympic team, Buzz Schnieder. Brooks knew that the U.S. was to be considered an underdog, and during the exhibition games he insisted the players learn a more European style of play to build strength and cohesiveness. In their final exhibition game on February 9, the U.S. played their future opponent, the Soviet Union National Team. They lost in an agonizing defeat of 10-3.

Once the Olympic Games began, the Soviet team paved their way to the top, scoring large leads against the majority of their opponents. During their first game, the U.S. team tied Sweden with a 2-2 game, pushing both teams forward. After several close games, the U.S. found themselves in the semi-finals playing against the Soviet Union National Team, which had defeated them less than two weeks prior.

In the first period of the game, the Soviets managed to sink a puck and gain the first lead. The U.S. managed to gain a goal, keeping toe-to-toe with the Soviets after another goal, eventually ending the period in a 2-2 tie with a last second goal by the U.S. In the second period the Soviets again took the lead gaining one culminating goal. After only eight minutes in the final period, the U.S. found its momentum. Through an incredible power play the U.S. earned a goal, and then another only minutes later. The Soviets began to panic, yet Brooks kept his players calm. He continued to keep the U.S. on offense making several other attempts on goal, repeating to his players, “Play your game! Play your game!”

As the seconds of the final period counted down, the sportscaster for ABC, Al Michaels joined in, famously saying, “Do you believe in miracles?! YES!!!!” When the final buzzer rang the field house was filled with exclamations from the U.S. fans as the players stormed the ice, cementing the moment as one of the best sports moments in the 21st Century.

After the game, sports anchor Jim McKay shared a comparison of the game as a group of Canadian college football players defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Against all odds and predictions, the 1980 U.S. Winter Olympic hockey became a real life David and Goliath, knocking down the Soviet Union National Team and making hockey history. The U.S. later went on to defeat Finland in the finals to gain the gold medal.

Anything is possible if you plan and work to achieve your goals. We are happy to share this incredible tale to inspire you to reach for the stars. Share you financial aspirations with us, and we will work to help you do what perhaps you never thought was possible.


Online Tools

DepositsTechnology is a constantly evolving medium, and we’re continuing to grow with it! At Raccoon Valley Bank we offer a variety of digital tools for our customers. Take a look and discover a new way to manage your finances through our online technology!

Online Banking: Conveniently access your checking and savings accounts through our secure online portal. Not only does this give you a quick and easy way to manage your finances but it’s also where you can view a complete account history, re-order checks, transfer funds, and more!

Mobile Banking: Enjoy all the perks of online banking from the comfort of your mobile device. This easy mobile tool allows you to keep up on your finances while you’re away or during your busy day. Sign up today with our simple Mobile Banking Enrollment.

Mobile Deposit: Deposit funds wherever you are with our handy mobile deposit tool! A feature within our Mobile Banking, this function enables our customers to deposit checks while they are away or during hours the bank is not open. Customers love the benefit of depositing checks from the comfort of their home, or at work after receiving a paycheck.

Online Bill Pay: Tired of writing checks for your monthly expenses? With our Online Bill Pay you can schedule reoccurring payments and take the hassle out of paying your monthly expenses. Go through our easy enrollment and setup process and you can start paying bills directly from your Online Banking account!

eStatements: Make a difference and go green with our eStatements at Raccoon Valley Bank. Not only helping the environment, our eStatements offer a quicker, simpler process to obtaining your monthly statements. Simply go to your Online Banking page and click on eStatements to sign up!

Here at Raccoon Valley Bank it’s all about YOU, our customers! We love the ease and simplicity these products offer for the everyday financial tasks. Sign up today online to try them out. We would love to help you find the best product solution for your individual needs!

Filing Taxes Early

TaxesBlogGet your taxes done early this year! No more waiting until the deadline to get your filings in!  Enjoy this quick how-to for your completing your income taxes courtesy of Raccoon Valley Bank.

File your taxes IF necessary.

After receiving your W-2’s from employers, determine if you need to file taxes, or if you are able to claim exemption. If you have had money withheld from your paycheck, you want to file taxes. As a general rule, if you’re single making over $9,750, or married and filing jointly making over $19,000, then yes you need to file your income taxes. There are however additional financial limits for head of household, widowers, and tax payers over 65. Once you’ve determined that you need to file the next step is choosing your manner of filing.

Choose the best medium of filing for you.

With so many options in filing your taxes it’s hard to decide which option is best for you and your family. If your household income is less than $58,000 the IRS provides free online filing software that can be used to file relatively simple returns. If you prefer to do the filing yourself and are well versed on potential deductions and other regulations, you can print out the tax forms mail your taxes straight to the IRS. If you’d like some added assurance in your filings using a tax software or hiring a local tax consultant can be beneficial when you have a more complex tax filing, or want further education in the process tax filing.

Utilize the capabilities of deductions.

Filing income taxes can at times feel like a run-around, however if done properly the outcome can benefit you greatly. Deductibles are an opportunity that many citizens take advantage of, allowing you to deduct various expenses from your taxable income, potentially bringing you to a lower tax bracket. Below are several simple ways you can utilize tax deductions.

  1. Charitable donation deduction – keep receipts for any donation to a certified non-profit, even baked good donations may be deducted if the receipts are kept from the purchase of ingredients.
  2. Relocation deduction – after moving 50 or miles away for a new career you are able to deduct the cost of moving expenses, storage, and travel expenses if you have worked there for 39 weeks or more. If you have not yet worked 39 weeks, but you will accomplish that number in the coming year, you may still file your deduction.
  3. Mileage deduction – maintaining a rigorous travel log, may seem tedious, but it will pay off in the long run. If you’re driving for volunteer work, job-hunting, or doctor’s appointments you can deduct the mileage from your taxable income so long as you have your travel log and relative receipts.

Using these tips you can make tax filing a breeze, but don’t wait until April! Jump your income taxes today to ensure a quick return on any potential refunds!

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