Welcome to Online Bill Pay!

Welcome to Online Bill Pay!

You’re busy. Between your job, your family and friends, and your occasional moment to breathe, your time is precious. Why spend it slogging through bills month after month?

Raccoon Valley Bank wants to help you make the most of your time with Online Bill Pay. Easy, safe, and secure, it helps you keep on top of your financials so you can invest your time as you want. Take a peek at some key features:

Easy 3-Step Process: Once you’ve been through the easy enrollment for an Online Banking account, simply pick the bill you want to pay, enter the appropriate banking information, and select how much you need the biller to receive on the day of your choosing.

Automatic payments: Shelling out for your mortgage and car payment each month gets redundant. With the automatic payment system, we’ll remove the monotony of monthly payments. Select a reoccurring expense, and set the amount due by a certain date each month. When the date rolls around, a payment will be made automatically.

Set reminders: If you prefer to pay bills on a month-to-month basis, Online Bill Pay allows you to set e-mail reminders so you can receive notifications and avoid late fees.

Send money: Forget to send a birthday card ahead of time? Not a problem. Wire funds to a friend or family member using their e-mail or cell-phone number.

Stay organized: Instead of shuffling papers between filing folders, simplify your system by grouping similar payments into categories. Access multiple household expenses like utilities, cable, and electric in one convenient location of your specification.

Go green & stay safe: Digital payments cut down on the need for paper bills, allowing you to opt for an eco-friendly alternative. Plus, it reduces the risk of identity theft and fraud stemming from wayward bills lost in the mail.

Keep a record: Don’t waste time worrying about whether or not you paid your bill. Access a history of your payments with a couple of clicks to put your mind at ease.

Make a monthly task a one-time commitment with Raccoon Valley Bank’s Online Bill Pay. For information on extra features or assistance setting up your online account, give us a call today!

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