Backyard BBQing on a Budget


The warm weather, seasonal foods and grill outs make summer a favorite season for many people. You may have already hosted a neighborhood or family grill out this summer and know how much it can cost to host a BBQ. Raccoon Valley Bank wants to help you enjoy your next cook out while sticking to your budget! Check out these simple, money-saving ideas for your next summer get-together:

Potluck Style

Have your guests bring side dishes, desserts or drinks for all to share. This is an easy way to save yourself cash and time.  Another great thing about a potluck is trying new dishes and knowing that there will be a variety of foods to choose from.

Buy in Bulk

Make a trip to your local wholesale food store to buy supplies for summer BBQ’s. From hot dogs and chips to buns and ketchup, you can stock up on grill-out staples for cheap.  Another great thing about buying bulk is that one trip will go a long way.  Storing leftovers in your freezer will save you a trip to the store the next time you want to cook out.

Use Cans, Not Bottles

Instead of buying big bottles of soda to set out, buy your drinks in cans and store them in coolers.  This way you can keep the leftover drinks, rather than having to throw out half drunken bottles of flat soda.

Ditch the Decorations

Whether you are having a casual grill out or a BBQ birthday party, it is ok to skip the decorations.  Your guests are interested in great food and spending time with friends, not looking at the decorations! However, if you do need decorations, make a trip to the dollar store where you can find balloons, table cloths and all sorts of décor for cheap.

Raccoon Valley Bank hopes you enjoy all of your favorite things that the summer brings, including backyard BBQs and sticking to a budget!

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