Home Selling Mistakes


We have all heard them. The horror stories of homes sitting on the market for over a year, deceitful real estate agents and deals that fall through. We don’t want you to have a story like this! Raccoon Valley Bank can help you avoid the common mistakes that people make when they are trying to sell their house. Take a look to make sure that your home selling story is a happy one!


Going with the cheapest real estate agent you can find – Your real estate agent plays a large role in the success or failure of selling your home. Use common sense. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Don’t price too high – Instead of looking at what you paid for your home, do some research to find out what is being paid for other homes in your neighborhood. You can also go to different areas to see what the pricing is on homes that are comparable to yours.


No stalking allowed – Don’t suffocate prospective buyers by following them around and giving every detail as they walk through your home. Allow them to walk through the home themselves so they can get a better image of themselves living in it.


Invest in improvements – Spend the time and money needed to make small changes that can have a large impact. This means eliminating odors, getting rid of stains, and maintaining the exterior of the home to keep up its curb appeal.


Pack up the knick knacks – When a prospective buyer is walking through your home, they want to imagine themselves living there. This means that your stuff needs to go. Take down personal photos, toiletries, and anything that is cluttering up the space.


Any of the loan officers at Raccoon Valley Bank can help with your home selling concerns and help prevent your home selling story from turning into a tale of terror. Start a conversation with them today!

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