Putting the “Thank” Back in Thanksgiving

Take a moment to step back think about the real meaning behind the Thanksgiving

The original Thanksgiving, the one we’re taught about in school, was a celebration of a good harvest. The Pilgrims risked everything to sail across the ocean and arrive here, so they had a lot to be thankful. They had their fair share of problems: illness, a lack of food and harsh weather nearly wiped them out. Still, they found things to be thankful for in the face of this adversity.


Today, our lives are far more comfortable than the life of your average Pilgrim. We have heated homes, more food than we know what to do with and advanced healthcare to help us fight illnesses and recover from injuries.


But it seems sometimes that we take these simple things for granted. Life gets busy and hectic; it’s easy to get caught up thinking about what we don’t have and how those things would make our lives easier or better. There’s no doubt that life isn’t perfect. However, by thinking about all the small things we have, it turns out to be far better than we think it is:


  • Our family- whether they are nearby or far away, our family is always within a short car ride, text or phone call. These are the people we lean on the most in bad times and good.
  • Our friends- sometimes they are almost like family in that we can go to them for support when we need it. They are also there to celebrate the good times and make memories with us.
  • Our jobs- even if it’s not the job we’ve always dreamed of, it allows us to make a living and directly or indirectly help others.
  • Living in Iowa- our state has a lot to offer. There are jobs to be had, great places to live and entertainment opportunities available throughout the year.


Think about all the little things in your life. While they may seem ordinary to you, remember that a lot of people in our country and around the world don’t have these simple luxuries. Let’s put the “thanks” back in Thanksgiving this year by taking a step back and being truly grateful for what we have.


We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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