Fall: The Best Time of Year in Iowa

Fall is a busy time of year in Iowa with harvest season being the main activity for thousands of farm families.
Fall and October mean a couple of certainties in Iowa: football on weekends, a return of your jacket to your wardrobe and harvest season. Agriculture has always been the backbone of Iowa’s agriculture since people first came to the Fields of Opportunities. The might of Iowa’s agricultural production is obvious; the state is the number one producer of corn, soybeans and hogs for slaughter.
However, contrary to popular knowledge, Iowa produces a lot more than just corn and soybeans. It would be an understatement to say that Iowa’s economy would be dismal without the impact of agriculture:

  • Total number of farms: 92,200
  • Corn value production: $13.5 billion
  • Soybean value of production: $5.92 billion
  • Cash receipts for cattle and calves: $3.84 billion
  • Cash receipts for hogs: $6.98 billion
  • Cash receipts for dairy: $849.1 million
  • Value of egg production: $990.5 million

*All values from 2012 as reported by the Iowa Department of Agriculture
Iowa’s farm families produce food and feed products that make it into the homes of millions of people not just in our state, but across the Midwest and throughout the nation. Their tireless work ethic and commitment to getting the most out of their crops and animals no matter what Mother Nature throws at them make us proud to serve so many of their families.
From personal banking needs to financing for equipment, land, real estate and machinery, Raccoon Valley Bank has and will always support our local farm families. Taking care of our farm families is about more than just money, too. It’s about helping them grow over time, whether that means an expanding family, a new home, new farming equipment or helping a teen driver get their first car. All of these things go into building a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.
Raccoon Valley Bank wants to send out a huge thank you to all of our farm families during this harvest month. Thank you for your commitment, dedication and strong work ethic. If you have a financial need, large or small, the staff at Raccoon Valley Bank would be glad to help.
We hope to see you soon!

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