The New A Website Walkthrough

As you have probably noticed at this point, there is a new face and layout to Our new website was developed to be more user-friendly and give you quicker and easier access to the information or services you need. While this change is definitely a good one in our eyes, we know change can be scary, especially since you most likely had become familiar with where everything was on our old website. We want to give you a walkthrough of where all the important items are on the new website so you can acclimate quickly.
Application Center and Online Banking
These two items were prevalent in the design of our old website, and we wanted to keep access to them quick and easy for users. You can find them at the top of every page on the new website.
Marketing Message and Social Feed
We wanted to keep important information in a prominent location. On the home page, the center section of the page – referred to as the marketing message – is somewhere you can find information for new services, alerts or other news. The “What’s New at Raccoon Valley Bank” area will feature the latest post from our Facebook page, as well as our blog. Clicking either of those will take you to either our Facebook page or the blog post.
Service Pages and Site Search
As with our old website, the main navigation of the new website gives you the ability to access any of the service pages from any page of the site. You can also search quickly for a specific service using the search bar on the right side of the main navigation.
Quick Links
At the bottom of the home page are colored boxes with links to important pages within the site. There are also colored boxes on many of the subpages throughout the site to help you navigate quickly to related content, forms or PDFs.
We hope you find our new website to be easy to use and beneficial for whatever you need, whether you’re searching for information or simply logging in to your back account. If you encounter any issues with the new website, please let us know.
You can post your feedback of our new website over on our Facebook page as well. We hope to hear from you soon!

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